Monday, March 16, 2015


Somehow I seem to ruin just about every surprise I'm privy to. I've ruined a surprise party or two. Spoiled some Christmas gifts. I'm just bad... And it's not even on purpose.

Tonight my roommate was having a surprise party for one of her friends from work. The plan was to make her friend think that my roommate wasn't home - her friend had to come and pick something up from the house so she was going to let herself in with a spare key. I was unaware of this plan. I was just trying to leave before all of this went down. So I hurried out and just happened to leave right as her friend pulled up. She says, "Hey, I'm here to get something from Audra, she said I should just let myself in with a spare key under the rug or something?" I panic a bit, thinking, "Oh my gosh, what lie am I going to say about why Audra isn't here?" because I didn't know that was the plan. Then I realized that part of the surprise is already covered, and the normal, kind thing to do, would be just to let her in the house, rather than make her search for a spare key.

So, I try to just unlock the door and have her walk in herself, but the deadbolt was locked too. So I had to unlock that and then again, thought that the normal, kind thing to do is open the door for her. So I open it, walk in, they all yell surprise!

Cut to the side story where my roommate is trying to fix up our house so she can sell it this summer. She had a guy come in this morning to place some tile in our basement but the only deal was that no one, including the dog, could walk on it for 24 hours. To prevent the dog from walking on it, she thought it was a good idea to put this big dresser at the top of the stairs... which is right when you walk in the front door.

Cut back to the surprise where I open the door, the friend walks in, I'm trying to get out of the way and... BAM! I apparently bump in to the dresser at the top of the stairs which proceeds to fall all the way down, kind of like...

Except for instead of squishing bad guys... It broke quite a few pieces of the newly placed tile.


Yeah, that just happened. Happy birthday, Brianna.

Disclaimer: If you want something to be a surprise and for it to run smoothly, please don't include me.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A yellow tulip kind of day...

The weather has been lovely for the last week and it's just got me on a high. Yesterday I stopped by Trader Joe's on my way home from work just to pick up some cheap flowers because... why not.

It was simply a yellow tulip kind of day... and it was lovely.