Thursday, December 27, 2012

365 Photo Challenge: Week 29.

Day 206.

I'm just about caught up! This is actually this past week. Let me tell you about it...

Day 200: Kathryn's cute socks. Day 201: coffee for me and the boy. Day 202: wrapped presents. Day 203: Christmas service for church. Day 204: dinner at Pei Wei with Dee Dee. Day 205: bowling with Dee Dee and the boy. Day 206: the Plaza lights after dinner with the family (one of my favorite Christmas traditions.)

I'm going to do my best to stay on top of this!

Day 200.

Day 201.

Day 202.

Day 203.

Day 204.

Day 205.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

365 Photo Challenge: Week 28.

Day 194.

Week 28! Comin' atcha...

Day 193: Christmas ornaments. Day 194: sugar cookies. Day 195: presents under our tree. Day 196: grabbed a drink with the boy at a brewery down the street. Day 197: dinner with the family at Los Corrals. Day 198: my favorite jacket. Day 199: the future of Diet Coke... I love these things.

A pretty simple week. I'm almost caught up!

Day 193.

Day 195.

Day 196.

Day 197.

Day 198.

Day 199.

365 Photo Challenge: Week 27.

Day 190.

Alright, Week 27! This seems so long ago... but let me tell you about it.

Day 186: another Monday night dinner with Dee Dee... Jimmy John's this time. Day 187: our Christmas tree. Day 188: my first shot at making risotto... I made this recipe, it was pretty good! Day 189: this was another of those "I'm in bed and haven't taken a picture today" pictures, so I took it of my socks. Day 190: my first official date with this boy that's newly in my life (more to come on that later, I'm sure.) Day 191: the lamest fortune known to man. Fail on your part, Panda Express. Day 192: not my favorite picture of this project, but this is a rose that was given to Dee Dee on her first day and it has been living at our house.

On to the next week...

Day 186.

Day 187.

Day 188.

Day 189.

Day 191.

Day 192.

365 Photo Challenge: Week 26.

Day 183.

It has been waaaay too long. I know. I don't really know where time has gone this past month. I can't really believe Christmas has already come and gone and 2013 is about to begin. Despite my lack of posting, I actually have continued with my photo project. I'm going to try to get all caught up today. So here it is...

With the completion of this week, I officially was half way through this project. Half way... craziness. This week began a new month and a new color! And I was excited for the change. December is red in honor of Christmas... Anyway, let's take a look at Week 26:

Day 179: Monday night dinners with my friend Dee Dee... we often frequent Chipotle. Day 180: this was one of those "I'm in bed and I just remembered I forgot to take my picture for the day" pictures... so it's the floor in my bedroom. Day 181: ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Day 182: so, my church practices music at a different church on Thursday nights and that church was setting up for this dinner they were having with themed tables... This table was squirrel themed. SO weird. Day 183: my favorite boots. Day 184: the beginning of a new color! and the pretty garland and berries that Kathryn put around our front door. Day 185: Settlers of Catan with some of my favorite friends.

Day 179.

Day 180.

Day 181.

Day 182.

Day 184.

Day 185.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

365 Photo Challenge: Week 25.

Day 173.

*Insert slacker speech here with lots of excuses of how busy I've been and how I really need to be more consistent in my blogging.*

Here we have last week's photo challenge pictures. Despite that fact that I am almost a week late in posting them, I did actually take these pictures on the days they were supposed to be taken. Anyway, let me tell you about them...

Day 172: Chex Mix made for our Thanksgiving. Day 173: the lamp in our kitchen... it used to be my grandma's... it's pretty special. Day 174: leftover pumpkin bars. Day 175: a family tradition, to have nut cups at Thanksgiving meal. Day 176: my cousin Elsy's cute little feet. Day 177: a wreath that I made that lives on my parent's front door. Day 178: hot cocoa cookies (go here if you'd like the recipe... it's a bit high maintenance but they were tasty.)

One more week of brown! (And actually, when I'm writing this, it's December 1st, which mean brown is over for me! Hooray! On to red!)

Day 172.

Day 174.

Day 175.

Day 176.

Day 177.

Day 178.