Wednesday, December 28, 2016

10 Things You Should Register For

We are two months into our marriage and two months into using all of the things we received as wedding gifts and as I was using my Magic Bullet today I thought, "Man, this is great - everyone should register for one of these." So I thought I'd give a list of ten items that we actually use and love on a regular basis that I'd recommend people register for. Here goes nothing...

1. Magic Bullet. Smoothies, milkshakes, I'm sure there are more things it makes... The Magic Bullet is super quick and easy and can be thrown in the dishwasher which is awesome. We've been loving the smoothies we've been making for a quick and healthy breakfast.

2. Dutch oven. It's been my life long dream to own a Le Creuset dutch oven. Ok, maybe not life long... but I couldn't bring myself to register for a $200+ pot (essentially) so instead we registered for the $50 dutch oven at Target. I use this thing all. the. time.

3. Fancy trash can. I'm not sure why we love this little guy so much - but we love our Simple Human trash can. Trash cans are expensive anyway - so it's kind of one of those "go big or go home" kind of things.

4. Pyrex set. Josh is anti-microwaving plastic so he wanted glass tupperware. These are used just about every day in our home and apparently we are avoiding cancer with the glass!

5. Step ladder. This may seem like a silly item - but we've busted this guy out more often than I would have thought. Christmas decorating... Smoke detector battery changing... It comes in handy.

6. A nice knife set. Someone told us, "Don't register for a knife set that is less than $200." Felt a little pricey for me but I'm glad we didn't settle for a cheaper one. These knives have been great. (Fun fact that I just realized as I was searching this - these were $200 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond but $118 on Amazon... Sounds like if you need some knives, you should go for it on Amazon.)

7. Coffee grinder. We got quite a few coffee gadgets for the wedding but I've got to say that this burr mill wins the prize. If you are into freshly ground beans - this is the thing for you. (Another fun fact - this one is cheaper on Amazon, too. Note to self (or you - because I don't plan on getting married and registering again) - register at Amazon, not Bed, Bath, and Beyond.)

8. Pineapple slicer. From talking to others, there are good pineapple slicers and bad pineapple slicers. We believe we've found a good one because we love ours. If you like pineapple - this is worth the $20.

9. Milk frother. This is a luxury item and probably will lose its cool factor in the next few months and we'll find it in the back of our cabinet in 10 years and be like, "Remember when we used to use this all the time? I wonder if it still works..." But for now... For now, we really are enjoying frothed milk with our coffee.

10. Kitchenaid mixer. This is another one of those things that I thought was too expensive to put on our registry even though I really wanted a new one. We have some good friends that asked Josh, "What does Abby really want?" and Josh told them a new Kitchenaid mixer. So that's what I got! They even let me pick out the color. If you know me, you aren't surprised that I chose yellow...

Alright, that's all I've got. Have I mentioned that I love making lists? This list making may have just made my day... What else can I make a list for?

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