Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Loving Lately.

(Draft of a Christmas present I made for Josh)

If you would have asked the Abby from three months ago if she’d be reading blogs and making grocery lists all work-day long… she would have laughed in your face then probably started crying because she was so stressed. Yet, here I am… I really don’t have much profound to say (today… or ever…) But I decided I’d give a “Currently” post a try... of things I’m loving lately. Maybe we’ll call it Loving Lately… Here it is.

This hummus recipe. One of Josh and I’s favorite restaurants here in KC is Longboards – and they have the best hummus around. We started searching for a recipe that would give it a run for its money. This one isn’t QUITE Longboards-worthy… but it comes close. The best part? Josh enjoys making it and it’s always fun to see him in the kitchen.

 The idea of being a person with lots of plants in their house. I have no green thumb… whatsoever… But with Josh and I’s powers combined I’m hoping we can keep some plants alive. I got this pot for my birthday that I’m still waiting to plant something in. I also like the idea of some hanging plants inside? We’ll see how this goes… (or if it even gets off the ground.)

Yes, I realize that most of you may be over Christmas music. But this Christmas album just came to my attention today and it’s pretty awesome… Leslie Odom, Jr. He’s the guy that sings the pretty Nationwide commercial. It’s worth a listen if you can handle just a little bit more Christmas music. Simply beautiful. I especially like his rendition of The First Noel. 

This shirt. We went to be with Josh’s parents in Republic, MO for Christmas this year. Josh and I stopped in this store called Five Pound Apparel in downtown Springfield and it was pretty great. I bought this t-shirt. I like it because it’s got Kansas and Missouri sitting on the couch together… It just makes me happy - call me weird.

Passengers. Sometimes movie critics bother me. They give the movies that are super dark and depressing the good ratings – but the movies that are just enjoyable to watch get the poor ratings. We saw the movie Passengers on Christmas Day and even though the ratings aren’t super favorable - Josh, both his parents, and myself all enjoyed it. And Chris Pratt is pretty great.

My new Patagonia coat that I got for Christmas. The gift side of Christmas wasn’t super exciting for the Agees this year. I picked out this coat for myself because I saw it on sale on Cyber Monday. Josh picked out his own watch. So there were no surprises for either of us but we are both still really excited for our gifts. I put this coat on last night and Josh said, “That coat couldn’t be much more you.” I’ll take that as a compliment. Now if it would just get cold enough for me to wear it! (Today’s high is in the 50s…)

That's enough for now! Have a great day!

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